Speech & Silence

From the vitriol of public discourse to run-of-the mill gossip, our words are out of control.  Naturally wordy from birth, I’m still learning to control my tongue, examine my speech and seek greater silence. Some of my discoveries are shared in the posts gathered here.

In a nutshell:  bashing opponents in an echo chamber of anger is diminishes all our dignity.  Giving in to gossip is wrong. And drowning in din silences God’s still, small voice.

When I was a teenager, my family nicknamed me “Babbling Brook.”  As I began sharing my struggles to tame those waters, I found many friends seeking the same thing.  Most of these posts are short; a few go into more depth.  Each takes a facet of speech or silence and holds it, however briefly, up to the light.

We may never get it right. But we can aim higher. We’ll become freer, happier people as we do.

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Photo by John Peters on Unsplash