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When I was a child, my parents gave me a little desk and I stuffed it with papers and books even though I couldn’t yet read. The desk I use now is for grownups, but it’s as stuffed as ever because joys of discovery through reading and writing still fuel the passions formed in those early years of wonder. They now include even more books, culture, children, nature, music and the life of serious faith.

My work has appeared in a wide variety of places such as Touchstone and Catholic Exchange; I’ve been a Denver Post Colorado Voices columnist and I contributed an essay to Chicken Soup to Inspire a Woman’s Soul.

I taught communication arts to college freshmen for a happy decade before becoming a counselor. I’ve worked with children in a high poverty, rural elementary school since 2002 and was the 2007 Colorado Elementary Counselor of the Year. When my school district honored me with their Educator of the Year award in 2017, it pleased me to know that my great group of colleagues recognize the importance of their students’ social/emotional health and that counselors are also educators who contribute to a school’s academic mission.

As a faith-keeping, culture-loving, counselor, writer, wife, mother, grandmother and nature lover, I offer Sparrowfare as a seed-source for wayfarers, true believers and realistic optimists seeking the authentically good life against pernicious winds of division and diatribe, bluster and bling.

I’d love to fly with you.

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Contact: sparrowfare@peggyhaslar.com.