Advice from St. Francis de Sales: Honey Attracts More than Vinegar

“A spoonful of honey attracts more flies than a barrelful of vinegar.”

Franz_von_SalesIt is said that although St. Francis de Sales was known for a kindly and gentle temperament, he fought an inner battle with his temper for over 20 years.  He certainly practiced this simple axiom…and thousands of converts were won by his preaching and example.

How have we become so addicted to vinegar as a style for debate and persuasion, ineffective as it is?

We must more vehemently call out haters wielding Bibles in the streets and sweeten our speech with the beauty of love.   As we imitate the mob mentality of anger, sharing reckless rants and posting mocking memes, souls are being lost. How much do we really care?


For more on St. Francis de Sales persuasive saint and patron of Catholic writers and journalists, see Cari Donaldson‘s “St. Francis de Sales: A Beautiful Life for God.”

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