Culture & Civility

 Virtues for Days of Division & Diatribe


The Extremists We Need Right Now

Neither Share a Reckless Rant nor Post a Mocking Meme: Give Me a Clean Heart

Ugly Politics and Our True Home

Rutherfraud:  How Political Mudslinging Diminishes Dignity

Christian vs. Christian:  Stop Tearing Each Other Apart

Dialog in a Divisive Time:  Bishop Barron, Dave Rubin and the Space Between

Making Peace with the War on Christmas

Three Words to Guide a New Year of Hope

How to Speak of Easter Hope without Harming the Humble Christ


Confessions of a Cannonball: An Invitation to Hunger for Humility

Counteracting the Big Me with Two Frogs and a Toad

 For a Time of Transition:  Three Versions of the Litany of Humility in Song

Screwtape’s Tips for Advancing in Pride:  Be Smug, Superior and Politically Divisive

Beyond the Résumé and the Eulogy:  Virtue, the Little Way



Photo by reneebigelow at Pixabay.