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Great Reads and Good Listens


Memoir as Medicine:  Recommended Recollections

Tolkien, Trees and a Naturalist’s Notebook

Flannery O’Connor Exposes Our Judgmental Hearts, Preparing Us for Grace

Five Standouts from a Reading Year

Three Reasons to Make Time for Undset’s Kristin Lavransdatter

The Book Thief Stole My Heart (and Reminded Me Why I Read)

Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead:  A Merciful Mind for Our Contentious Time

The Lab Girl and the Contemplative:  A Campsite Convergence


Choose Something Like a Star:  A Christmas Contemplation

The Silence:  A Poem by Wendell Berry

Mary Oliver’s Thirst:  A Humble Heart Revealed

George Herbert’s Secrets of Soul Revealed in a Package of Poetry

Innocence:  A Light and Sparkling Treasure


Grant Me the Grace to Hurt Like Rich Mullins

In the Night:  A Song for Your Playlist of Hope

Ugly Politics Free Us to Remember Our True Home (Land of My Sojourn)

Listening to Handel while the Nations Rage

Choose Something Like a Star:  A Christmas Contemplation

Brother:  A Song for Holy Thursday’s New Commandment

Podcasts & Audio

Poetry’s Penetrating Power in Five Minutes with the Daily Poem Podcast

Music, Meaning & a Piece of Maria:How the Song & Story Podcast Can Fill the Music Void You Didn’t Know You Had

Recover Your Optimism with the Love Good Podcast

The Mars Hill Audio Journal:  Where All Things Considered Meets God

The Bishop Who Refuses to Dumb Down the Faith:  The Word on Fire Show


Netflix’ Outlaw King:  Battle, Betrayal and the Body’s True Beauty

          Emily Blunt Offers a Stunning Portrait of Womanhood in Krasinki’s                  A Quiet Place

The Truth is in the Stars…or is Faith the Final Frontier?

Scorese’s Silence:  A Four-Question Examination of Conscience

The Case for Christ Film an Improvement over God’s Not Dead


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