Lucille Ball’s Gossip Pantomime

Comedy often sheds light on human weakness. In this classic I Love Lucy sketch, Ethel exposes our eagerness to hear the “juicy”details of situations that are none of our business.

Lucy, on the other hand, exhibits our desperation, at times, to share a story about another’s difficulties and failures. In this case, she’s sworn not to talk about it, so without technically breaking her word, she breaks her word.  Beneath the brilliance of comedic delivery we see a deep flaw in our nature:  our curiosity about the affairs of others.  The couple whose troubles Lucy exposes in her pantomime are not present to defend their reputation or silence the “conversation.”

How often (sharing “prayer requests,” seeking “advice”) do we allow a cloak of technical moral correctness to justify gossip!

We are not loving the other when we do.



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