Why We’re Accountable for Every Careless Word

“But I tell you, on the day of judgment people will render account for every careless word they speak.  By your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”  (Matthew 12:36)

Careless:  “not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or errors.”

It’s not a comfortable thing for a highly verbal person to contemplate accounting for every careless word.  Yet when I recall having been on the victim side of this equation, I see how right this is, how much Christ cares for every single soul.  Love is at the heart of everything Christ says and everything he does, and he wants me to love like that too.

When I’m careful, I’m “making sure of avoiding potential danger, mishap, or harm; cautious.”  I want others to be careful when they speak about me, and I owe them that same care.

I embrace this truth, seeking forgiveness and grace to overcome my weakness.  It is good to account for every careless word, good to care more rather than to care less.


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I think twice about my careless words whenever I watch Lucille Ball expose our love of gossip in Lucille Ball’s Gossip Pantomime.


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2 thoughts on “Why We’re Accountable for Every Careless Word

  1. This thought, “It is good to account for every careless word, good to care more rather than to care less” really spoke to me and I will tick it away and take it with me. There is a distinct feeling I get sometimes when careless words skip out of my mouth and I immediately realize the error of my words spoken. It’s sad feeling of regret mixed with shock at my own self and it’s a very uncomfortable feeling. I will strive to care more, thank you Peggy.

  2. Oh, thank you! I am seeing more and more how my words reveal my heart. So God as at work either way! When I am kind and careful, it’s his goodness working through me. When I’m unkind and careless that’s a great gift as well that I have seen it. I’d rather see it than think I’m “all that” and not know how far I am from loving like God does. The more I know that, the I can seek healing and the more God can work.

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